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New long-awaited Java 8 became the main newsmaker of this spring in the world of programming. Date-Time API is one of Java 8 innovations, that is used to deal with time and date and is intended to replace not very successful java.util.Date и java.util.Calendar.

Technical Debt - is a metaphor that is used when we speak about solutions as for architecture, technology and other technical aspects of the project that we put aside for now, but that will have negative influence on project development later. The concept of “dept” is very meaningful here...

Our warmest congratulations with upcoming holidays!

On one of SMISS projects we have faced a necessity of reliable data indexing using Apache Solr. What is ApacheSolr and how it should be used? Is it possible to achieve really reliable results with its help? 

We have server application that saves data and receives requests for reading/modification from clients using Java API. Requests are objects of a class that implements certain interface (lets call this class “Request”). Problem may occur when we need to edit Request...

Running competition

We continue to prove that IT developers are not only very smart but also very active and sporty people. SMISS Java team lead Maxim Tikhenko took part in the second part of Kharkiv Grand Prix that took part at night in the biggest Kharkiv park - Gorky park.

This October Ukraine will host 5th IDCEE conference – gathering for all IT lover from investors and IT companies CTO and CEO to IT bloggers. IDCEE means “Investor's Day Central and Eastern Europe” . The main idea of this meeting is to connect startups with possible investors.  But apart of this IDCEE gathering helps IT minds share ideas and find new inspiration.

On the 10th of August SMISS main sportsman Maxim Tikhenko took part in Kharkiv Grand Prix 4 km steeplechase. The main peculiarity of this track was the swamp. Participants called this track "intellectual" as you have to think before you make your next step. We wish Maxim new sport victories!

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